[…]that to be too conscious is an illness[…]

This is part of one of the quotes that is always displayed on my blog. I was just online today, looking at my blog and seeing how inactive it had been lately and I read this quote and I realized how true these words are.

I frequently run into arguments with people about issues, present, past or perhaps even future issues that plague our world or have plagued our world. Why? Perhaps I think too much about these things, or perhaps I know or I THINK I know more about certain things? I feel passionate about certain topics – and these are as diverse as I could ever imagine!

What is it? Am I too conscious? And I feel that although I have more control over my outbursts, I lose patience when I see someone not seeing my point and I tend to escape the argument now. I wasn’t like that before. I would persevere. I would argue argue argue till I had nothing else to say, till I had repeated myself again and again and yet I would argue more because I knew I had a valid point. I would try and show the others light about certain things, especially things that I felt passionate about. So what is it now? Why have I become more passive? Have I lost the passion or am I simply seeing the futility in trying to make people see the light? Is it futile?

Karma Yoga – Do what you have to do and don’t think about the fruit of your action. Easier said than done eh? Ignorance is prevalent in this world. It is impossible to break through the veil, no matter how flimsy that veil may seem to the one who is making the attempt to break through it. There’s this brain-washing going on in the world. What has been fed to them for years and years through our education system, through media, through propaganda, can not be removed, can not be overcome no matter how right you are, no matter how justified, logical and rational your views are. Fyodor said it: – Consciousness is a disease indeed.

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