Drupal Updating / Upgrading

Updating or Upgrading Drupal is not an easy task.  Compared to WordPress, where the updating is simply a mouse-click away, Drupal requires you to do certain things that can take a bit of time in extremely extensive sites.  I recently had to update my Drupal installation from 6.12 to 6.14

Now this being my first Drupal installation, and as much as I love this CMS, the updating process can be a pain if not following the instructions carefully.  The instructions can be found in “upgrade.txt” file located in your drupal zip file, also you can find tons of instructions online.  An excellent website learnbythedrop.com can help you out a lot if you are looking for tutorials on Drupal.  Here’s the video I followed to help me update Drupal.  Posting it here so that it can get more recognition on the web!  They say you can fill an ocean, one drop at a time….

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