Bilzmusic — Breaking Barriers — Suno

Here are the lyrics from the song Suno, sung by MasterD of Bilzmusic, part of their album Breaking Barriers ( also written by me.


suno meri sadaa, mahkii huii, hai pyaar ki sargam
suno kahtii hai kyaa, bheegii hawaa, zara sun to lo sanam

saahiloN pe haiN nazaare ye haseeN…naachne lagin hain maujein bhi
se baadalon ka milan… ye ishaare dekho samjho bhii
suno bahki lahar, machali huii, hai pyaar ki sargam
suno uRti ghaTaa, kahtii hai kyaa, zaraa sun to lo sanam

bridge —
ghaneri zulfeiN, damakte aariz, ishq ki tum jannat jaan-e-jaaN
gulaab aaNkheiN, shigufta chehra, meri ho tum mannat jaan-e-jaaN
deevanagii meri tumse javaaN
dhaRkan meri hai tumhaari sadaa
beKhudii meiN hamse koi Khataa, ho gayii.. chalo ab chhoRo bhi
is tarah se rah ke Khaamosh tum, kab talak mujhe taRpaaogii
suno dil ki zubaaN, jaltii hui, hai pyaar ki sargarm
suno mausam kaa, chaRtaa nashaa, zaraa sun to lo sanam

21 thoughts on “Bilzmusic — Breaking Barriers — Suno

  1. Really like this romantic song. Awesome lyrics! Can you put up the English translation as they are not in the booklet. Thank you!

  2. Hi Simi!

    Thank you for your kind comment. :-) Much appreciated. I’m giving you a literal translation of the song Suno, without attempts to turn my translation poetic:

    Listen to my voice, a fragrant melody of love
    Listen, the misty wind, what does it say? just listen to it my love

    Beautiful sceneries dwell on the sea-shores, even the waves are dancing
    Clouds are becoming one with other clouds, try to understand these signs
    Listen, the dancing wave, is a naughty melody of love
    Listen, this beautiful nature, what does it say? just listen to it my love

    Dark hair, glowing cheeks, you are the heaven of love, my life
    Eyes like roses, face delicate like flower buds, you are my only wish, my life
    My madness is alive because of you
    My heart-beat is merely the sound of you

    In an excited state, I made a mistake, comeon, let it go now
    By being silent like this, how long are you going to make me suffer
    Listen, my hearts voice, is a burning melody of love
    Listen, this beautiful weather, is a growing intoxication, just listen to it my love

  3. Thank You so much for the English translation! Sooooo beautiful and poetic! Looking forward to hearing more of these creative works of art from you. :-)

  4. lovely……..lovely………lovely………a perfect song for dedicating ur loved one………..

  5. I realie lv tis sng.. Amazng 1 agn, i lv evry sng of urz.. Tis i d’dcte 4 u n ma lv 1…

  6. Really awesome I like this song I hope next Album will come with many more songs.
    Single is super awesome its my favourite song.

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