Bilzmusic — Breaking Barriers – tanhai

Now that Bilzmusic have released their album “Breaking Barriers” {link to itunes:}  I figured I’d post some of the lyrics of the songs that I have written

Here’s one:


haaye sulagati tanhaai
betaabiyaaN javaaN
afsurda afsurda aaNkheiN
DhooNDheiN tere nishaaN

meri muhabbat, meri ibaadat meri vafaa
zaKhm bane dil ke armaaN
raNg yahaaN baste the
ab hai dhuaaN dhuaaN

saaz hai bikhraa dard se bhaari geet mere
lafz mere hairaaN hairaaN
KhushiyoN ki vo bahaareiN
jaane gayiiN kahaaN


10 thoughts on “Bilzmusic — Breaking Barriers – tanhai

  1. Thank you for your kind comments again Simi :) It’s one of my personal favourites. Here is the literal translation of this song:

    Alas, this burning loneliness
    Desires are still alive
    Eyes filled with sadness
    Are looking for your signs

    My love, my adoration, my commitment
    Wounded are my hearts emotions
    It used to be so colorful here
    Now all I see is smoke from the ashes

    My notes are scattered, my songs are filled with pain
    My words are shocked and afraid
    The springs of happiness…
    Where have they gone…

  2. waw amazing… Song full of lonliness n emptiness. Thanx for lyrics Tanha… This song is suitable for my situtation.. Thanx Bilz Kasif n Tanha for lyrics

  3. i lyk all tracks of bilz and kashif gud going guys best of luck for ur next releases

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