Tera Nasha – The Bilz & Kashif

In October, 2010, the Bilz & Kashif released a video for the song “Tera Nasha” from their latest album “Breaking Barriers” available on iTunes.  The songs lyrics (the Hindi part) written by me is presented here in this post.  The English parts were written by Kashif himself and they are included here as well.  Enjoy the video and the lyrics:

Raat javaan mast samaan –
Aise mein honthon se honth mila
Jism tera aur ye adaa
Saansein sulagtii hain hosh kahaan
Meri baahon mein aao zaraa
Meri dhaRkan mein samaao zaraa
Meri ulfat mein bikhar jaao
Jalne do, bahakne do

Sun ye machalti raagini
Jaise teri adaa
Jazbaat ki ye mastiyaan
Teraa hi hai nashaa
Let me love u down, down, down
All night long, long, long
I wanna turn u on, on, on
ChaRhne do ye nasha

From your lips 2 your hips 2 your fingertips
I wanna kiss your body all over
From the goosebumps on your skin
Baby U don’t have 2 say a word
Use your imagination
Kashif’s on a mission
2 give u everything that your body’s been missing
I can’t wait no more, I’m gonna explode
I’m waiting, Anticipating, Tonight it’s goin’ down


Tujhe baahon mein bhar kar pyaar doun
The more I get the more I want
Tere pahloo men raat guzaar loun
I’m drowning in your love
Meri jaan merii wafa


Sun ye machalti raagini, Let me love u Down
Jaise teri adaa, Let me love u Down
Jazbaat ki ye mastiyaan

329 thoughts on “Tera Nasha – The Bilz & Kashif

  1. I jst luv ds sng madly….it jst makes d environment around so romantic…n d song jst goes on running thru my mind..al d time..love it <3<3<3

    I LIKE THIS VERY MUCH-222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

  3. I jst luv this song madly….it makes d environment around so romantic…& the song jst goes on running thru my mind..al d time……feel like listening to this song more n more………

  4. awesome…… awesome ………realy touching song………my fvrt song and listening everyday this song,so tnk u guy…………..and give some song like this and mail me plz……..”ALL THE BEST”.

  5. Oh Ma God.. The Song Is Jus Awesome…. its sooooooooooooooo beautiful…. fallen in love with it… i hear it over 50times a day… love it soooo much..:):)

  6. i jst love dis song verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    muchchchch. it is soooooooo romanticccccccccccc……..
    yaaaarrrrrrrr awesome,mindblowing,outstanding,heart touching n feelins wala songg.
    my most fav song..

  7. Nt heart touchin fr me..bt it wil b heart touchin if I sing g the whole song with feelin fr my gal by actin as we’ll on the whole lyrics….dude ulll rock…one thing to inform…I would like to replace the Kashif’s to Shanu’s in this song

  8. OOOOO MY GOD….!
    I’TS A BLASTING SONG EVER.I loved ds song vry vry vry vry much.I listen dt song 20 times in a day.It’s d best romantic song ever. B-)

  9. i am so crazy about this song tat i wll die for this song,i hear every day this song

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