I Think…

I think:

We are slaves of habits and desires and it takes a really strong will to change these habits or to overcome these desires.

Incidently, India lost.  Pathetic display of course, but they didn’t deserve to get to the next round in World-Cup, not after you lose against Bangladesh in the first match.  Not to take any credit away from the Banglas, but you have to see also how Sri Lanka destroyed Bangladesh, what in worlds name was wrong with Indian team that they couldn’t do the same?  And heck we have some of the biggest names in our batting line-up.  Like I said, pathetic.

All eyes on India vs SL

So we lost against Bangladesh, yes it was really disheartning, it was unexpected, it took all of us by surprise. Did we play bad? Its easy to blame everything on our team’s faults but lets give some credit to the young Bangla players who outperformed an experienced Indian team (and no, our team is not “young”, we really have very experienced players who should have handled that match properly instead of falling like flies).

The same team goes out and breaks so many records in the next match. I say, do these records even count, we were playing against Bermuda? But as they say, records are records. Here’s a list of some of the records that the match India vs. Bermuda handled:

  1. Highest total by any team in World Cup (413) previously held by Sri Lanka (398) vs Kenya in 1996
  2. Highest run margin victory in One Day Internationals (India won by 257 runs) previously held by Australia (vs Namibia 256)
  3. Malachi Jones (Bermuda) became the first bowler to take a wicket with his first delivery in World Cup (took out Robin Utthapa)
  4. Sehwag’s first century (114 off 87 balls) in World Cup (his personal record broken previously 82 vs Aussies in 2003)
  5. There were five ducks in Bermuda’s inning, equaling the record for most ducks in a world-cup innings.
  6. Ganguly during his innings hit his 25th sixer equalling the record held by Ricky Ponting (Australia) of most sixers in world-cup matches. To be noted is the fact that Ganguly has played 10 matches less than Ponting.
  7. India’s total amount of 18 sixers equalled South Africa’s record of most sixers in an inning.
  8. Sehwag and Ganguly’s 202 run partnership was the 8th double-century partnership in a world-cup match (four out of the eight double century stands belong to India)
  9. Dwayne Leverock’s (Bermuda) 10 over 96 runs was the second most expensive spell by a bowler in a world cup match.

So all these records and yet we can still be eliminated if we don’t win the next match.

Good Luck India!